When it comes to food my motto is, try everything once! I’m an adventurous eater and I love tasting and making all kinds of food. With that being said, I must admit I do have some favorites.  

Latin American

I’m half Mexican, half Puerto Rican, and I’m married to a 100% Peruvian! Obviously a lot of Latin American food is consumed in my household. I love making our childhood favorites as well as modern takes on traditional recipes from our cultures.


Whether it be for health reasons, environmental concerns, or animal rights awareness, veganism is on the rise! Due in part to these reasons, along with some developing food allergies, we’ve gone from meat to vegetable focused. The bulk of most of our dinners are vegan or vegetarian friendly with meat as an optional add-on.


Low Carb

Who doesn’t love bread and potatoes? While they are absolutely delicious, they may not always be the wisest food choice when trying to mind your health and waistline. In hopes of fighting off the unwanted bulge from overindulgence, many of my recipes are low carb and low fat.