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Desert Hot Springs Weekend Getaway

Desert Hot Springs Weekend Getaway

One of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is how easily you can escape for a weekend getaway. Whether you want to go to Mexico, travel up the coast, or hit the desert, you’re usually only a few hours away. Also no matter which route you take, you are guaranteed to have some mind blowing views. So whenever I get bored of the routine, I pick a direction and hop in my car and go. As you can tell by the post title, for this particular weekend I chose to head to the heat.

Desert Hot Springs (DHS) is a desert resort city in Riverside County, California and is only about a 20 minute drive to Palm Springs. DHS offers much of the same scenery as Palm Springs in terms of cactus, sand, and heat, but it has less to offer when it comes to eateries and nightlife. Why would you choose to one over the other? In my opinion it just depends on how you intend on spending your time. If you plan on hitting the bars, walking the scene then definitely set-up in Palm Springs. However if you’re just looking to get a little buzz on while you sun yourself by the pool all day, then DHS will get the job done (and usually at a cheaper price).

My visit to DHS for this trip was my first time, and it was a decision that was made about 2 hours before I got in my car. Since it was too late to drop my dogs off at their grandma’s house, my husband researched AirBNB’s that allowed dogs. He ended up picking a spacious, mid-century property with just a handful of condos. Known as The Getaway, this property was eclectically decorated and provided me with everything I needed (full kitchen, views, pool, AC, and relaxation). Best of all it was fairly unoccupied during our visit so it felt like we were the only ones there.

During my visit I spent most of my time drinking Bloody Mary’s by the pool, so I can’t really tell you about DHS itself but I can tell you that those Mary’s were incredibly good. If you plan on going and actually intend on leaving the premises of your property, check out this TripAdvisor link for suggestions on what to do. What I can give you though is suggestions on the perfect ingredients to have on hand when heading for a last minute trip:

  • Eggs—Use for breakfast (fried), toss in a salad for lunch (hardboiled)

  • Arugula—Add to basically anything, use for afternoon salad or as a side dish with vinaigrette

  • Bacon—Render the fat for frying potatoes, use it for breakfast with eggs, crumbled over salads for lunch

  • Fingerling Potatoes—Use as a side dish with bacon fat vinaigrette, with steak for dinner, as hash for breakfast

  • Steaks—Render the fat for frying eggs, portion for dinner and slice for lunches

  • Olive Oil—Use as the base for vinaigrettes, and drizzled over everything

  • Lemons—Season your salad, use with Olive Oil for vinaigrette

  • Bread rolls—perfect for sandwiches!

If you don’t mind a little repetition in your weekend menu, these items are perfect for a few days away from home.


Below is my menu for a 2 night stay:

Refried Beans (Without Lard)

Refried Beans (Without Lard)

Chia Limeade

Chia Limeade