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I’ll Do The Cooking

Life is busy, you have things to do, people to see, and somewhere in there you need to fit in a moment to figure out what to eat. Finding that moment can be overwhelming and oftentimes results in you turning to unhealthy, expensive delivery.

Whether you are looking to feed yourself, your family, or visiting guests, my clients all have one thing in common; they don’t have time! They live busy lives and finding a moment to put together a menu, go to the grocery store, prep, cook, and clean up is just too much.

As a Private Chef I work with clients to help them serve quality, gourmet dishes without all the stress.

I handle all the logistics from start to finish (including the clean-up!) helping my clients take back crucial time in their day so they can focus on themselves, spend time with their families, or simply just sit down and relax.


Hello, I’m Candice-a Private Chef serving the greater L.A. area. I create bold flavored dishes that focus on conscious cooking, intentional eating, and minimal food waste. Here you'll find free recipes, travel and lifestyle posts, and a showcase of my work. Hit that “Book Now” button below to get a personalized quote!


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