About Me


Stuck in a Food Delivery Rut? I can help.

There’s one thing that can be said to describe the abundance of available food delivery apps, they sure are convenient, but usually means unhealthy, expensive and delivered with mountains of single use disposables. You can’t beat eating at home but if you’re like many of my clients one of the reasons you’re not eating at home is because you simply don’t have enough time.

Life happens and many times, regardless of your intentions, you find yourself behind schedule , ordering take-out, and throwing away groceries you never got around to preparing. Imagine skipping all that hassle and coming home to a dinner that was already made, and a kitchen that was already cleaned.

I’ve been cooking for family and friends for about a decade, and I launched my Private Chef business to work for busy people looking to incorporate quality, home cooked dishes into their lifestyles on a regular basis or even just for one-off events. Whether you need a Chef to help you organize a diet, take over cooking a menu you’re already happy with, create dishes for you and your family to enjoy on a regular basis, or simply cook for you on an occasion where you rather be doing something else, I’m the Chef for you!

My love of food and cooking started at an early age visiting my Grandmother in Puerto Rico where she imbued me with the principles of conscious cooking using seasonal, organic foods with minimal waste. When I’m not cooking, I spend the majority of my time perfecting my craft researching flavor profiles, ingredients…anything and everything related to creating the perfect menu for any client and occasion. When I present a client with a menu they can have a 100% confidence that the dishes I’m creating are consciously and thoughtfully catered to their specific wants and needs.